A community marketplace for
temporary home rentals

We are a marketplace that solves the problem of finding affordable temporary home rentals. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to be able to travel longer in pursuit of their dream or passion.

We make finding temporary home rentals easy

We know from personal experience how complicated, time-consuming and expensive it is to find a temporary home rental. Service apartments and hotels are too expensive and just don't feel like home. Long-Term Residentials have a lot of requirements that take too much time to apply for.

Here at Rentality, we are dedicated to help find you a home away from home that is affordable, easy to book, safe and secure.

Book your next accommodation with confidence

We have built a platform that manages multiple listings showing real time updates on the availability of properties. It is designed to make your bookings experience simple and quick; you can expect a response from your booking in no more than 24 hours.

Our team actively monitors every listing and have built security measures to ensure legitimate properties are listed. We care about your privacy and personal information, and we have built a secure platform to ensure every listing, booking and payment made is safe.

The Story of Rentality

The founders of Rentality had personnally experienced the difficulties of finding and remotely securing an affordable temporary home rental. We despised the complexity and the time it took just to secure a temporary home rental remotely. So we decided to build a platform that would make this whole process quick, simple and affordable.

Our vision is to enable everyone to travel for longer periods of time in pursuit of their passion.

Our values

Safe and Secure

Affordable and Quality Homes

Seamless Experience

Community Orientated